How can faith groups, and in particular Christians, promote a sustainable future? How do we translate our values into action? This blog, written primarily by Colin Bell, tries to provide some insight into these questions as well as commenting on the state of the planet and society – good news as well as bad. Longer pieces will follow looking into these issues in more depth.

It originated from the Sustainability in Crisis conference which was held in Cambridge from 26th-28th September 2011, but the blog has aimed to build on and continue this conversation, asking the important questions, pointing towards those who are thinking helpfully about it, and some of the action already being taken.

Whether you were at the conference or not, we hope that you will find the ideas here stimulating and inspire your own work.

The objective of the conference was to have a conversation between those striving for sustainability in all spheres of human activity, including those coming from an explicitly faith-based perspective, seeing sustainable existence as part of a better human nature. We all have part of the picture, but none of us the whole thing. So we need to work towards ‘ecological integration’ – to see how the various pieces fit together, to forge common arguments so that our messages reinforce each other in the search for a truly sustainable view of human identity.

We also discussed how to share our efforts for practical action, whether doing something constructive in our communities, or efforts at any level to convince people, businesses and governmental bodies of the need for action.

The idea of the blog is to