Satire and environmentalism

Something a bit lighter but still of interest. A friend this morning was telling me about a recent piece on the satirical news website The Onion about Chevron proposing solar-powered oil drilling platforms. The Onion has also run more than one piece on the Pope, of which the funniest in my opinion is one in which he rejects his criticism of capitalism when he sees the wide variety of Oreos on sale.

These I think tell us something helpful about the US mindset – for comedy of this sort to work,the audience needs to have an appreciation of the issues being referred to. Or else it just goes straight over their head. So we can assume that many in the US understand the importance of reducing carbon emissions (or at least that others think so) and the hypocrisy of the oil companies. And, indeed, that the Pope feels there is a problem with capitalism – although it’s unclear whether its a more nuanced opinion than “the Pope thinks capitalism is bad”.


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