What does a 2C rise look like?

We talk about a 2 degree Celsius rise, but what does that look like in terms of climates we know? Here’s a table I put together to help me think about it. The places are chosen to give a roughly equal gap of just over 2 degrees, with a primarily Atlantic climate to give comparability.

City Latitude Average max Average min Daily average Difference from previous
Lerwick (Shetland) 60°10 9.5 5.3 7.4
Glasgow 55°57 12.7 5.9 9.3 1.9
London 51°30 15.3 7.8 11.6 2.3
Bordeaux 44°50 18.5 9.1 13.8 2.2
Coimbra (mid Portugal) 40°13 21.2 9.8 15.5 1.7
Agadir (SW Morocco) 30°26 23.4 13.4 18.4 2.9

Obviously this is pretty crude, but it gives a feel for the kinds of shifts we can expect, especially in ecosystems.


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