Climate blues: NBC article

I’ve been quoted in a recent NBC news article: Climate Blues: How Environmentalists Chill Out in a Warming World, by Miguel Llanos which looks at how environmentalists cope emotionally with a perpetual stream of largely negative news. Worth reading for inspiration, although The author didn’t use any of the comments I made about my faith though.

A second article by Shaun Chamberlin on similar themes is also worth reading. Even though he reckons we’ve run out of time already, he remains positive that there are still things to do.

What I was reminded by thinking through the questions from Miguel Llanos–is that sustainability, in Chamberlin’s words, cannot be our God. We have to step back and see the beauty of creation and the positives of humanity. Otherwise, is it worth saving anything?


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  1. Thanks for the reference Colin. I’m glad my exploration of the darkness helps some of us remember the beauty of creation.

    I’m still working hard at TEQs, Transition Towns and the Ecological Land Co-operative – the key for me is working on things that could play a part in a (most unlikely) instantaneous collective turning to sanity, but which also seem valuable in the far more likely destabilised climate we are hurtling towards.

    Thanks also for drawing my attention to that NBC piece – good to see Dark Mountain referenced there too, as I have been involved with that from the outset. You may be interested in an earlier piece I wrote, which introduced Dark Mountain in the wake of the UN COP failure in Copenhagen:

    All the best to you and your work,

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