Book published!

Living Lightly CoverOur book, Living Lightly, Living Faithfully, has been published today. Print copies cost £7, but we are giving away electronic copies (in PDF, epub and mobi/Kindle formats) for free. Get both from the Faraday Insitute bookshop.
The book contains essays from the speakers at our Sustainability in Crisis conference, a wide variety of authors representing diverse faith and secular positions, including academics, expert practitioners, campaigners and faith leaders. Together we explore how faith groups share important insights on the question of sustainability and the potential to mobilise large numbers of citizens onto the path to a more sustainable future. What is already being done and what more can be done?

Contents are as follows:

  • Introduction—Faith in sustainability?
  • Preface—The challenge of sustainability Bill McKibben
  • Is economic growth compatible with environmental sustainability? Paul Ekins
  • The role of credit and debt in our economic crises Ann Pettifor
  • Environmental economics of Islam Mawil Izzi Dien
  • Sustainable growth or right livelihood? A Buddhist approach to economic development Laszlo Zsolnai
  • Growth, sustainability and behaviour change: a Christian perspective Tim Cooper
  • Values and the role of charities Tom Crompton
  • A critique of sustainability in the business world from a Christian perspective Cal Bailey
  • Sustainable energy Juliet Davenport
  • Sustainable production—insights from Islam Harfiyah Haleem
  • Governing for sustainability—winning battles but losing the war Paul Chambers
  • Campaigning for sustainability Andy Atkins
  • Sustainability and food Peter Melchett
  • The moral landscape of decisions in sustainability and climate change Douglas Crawford-Brown
  • The environment and sustainability—an Islamic perspective Fazlun Khalid
  • Religion and sustainability in global perspective Elaine Storkey
  • Hopeful virtue: living in response to a world in crisis Ruth Valerio
  • The role of the church in the coming ‘crisis of sustainability’ Colin Bell
  • Spirituality and sustainability Satish Kumar
  • Sustainable production Harfiyah Haleem
  • Reading list and further resources

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