Major climate debate in Cambridge

I’ve recently heard about an event coming up in Cambridge with some significant speakers, organised jointly by Fisher House and the Von Hügel Institute (the University Catholic Chaplaincy and a Catholic research institute). It’s on Wednesday 6th March, details here. Called “Global Warming & Equitable Development: Ethical and Political Priorities” it is chaired by Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, and the panelists are:

  • Lord Deben (John Selwyn Gummer), former Conservative minister, “the best Environment Secretary we’ve ever had” (Friends of the Earth), now Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change.
  • Professor Sir Brian Hoskins, Director of Grantham Institute of Climate Change, London, and expert on meteorology and climate.
  • Professor Peter Wadhams Professor of Ocean Physics, Head of Polar Ocean Physics Group, Cambridge, noted for his pessimistic but so far accurate forecasts of Arctic sea ice levels.
  • Professor Richard Lindzen Professor of Meteorology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who has spent most of the last 20 years arguing that the climate is far less sensitive to CO2 levels than most scientists (and their computer models) believe.
  • Professor Anthony Kelly, Emeritus Professor of Material Science, a member of the academy advisory council of the GWPF.
  • Professor John Loughlin, Director of the Von Hügel Institute, an expert on European Politics and the religion/politics interface.

It’s to be hoped that Rowan Williams can coax these experts into discussing the ethics and politics promised in the title, and not let the whole thing bog down into a debate (using that term in the most optimistic sense) over whether climate change is a reality or not.


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