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The name Dave Bookless will be familiar to most of us in the UK Christian environmental scene, through his work with A Rocha, his books or talks. He has now started up a regular blog at the A Rocha site, looking at some of the big questions in Christian theology, the environment and related matters. The intent, I think, is to build up a resource covering this, taking into account that the environment isn’t just its own little bit of Christian life, or if it is, it can get neglected in the face of issues like bringing people to personal salvation, social justice, or the ongoing economic crisis.

The last two posts at the time of writing bring this out well: is saving souls in opposition to saving seals, and are the poor or the planet the priority? In both cases, Dave shows that they must be interlinked: part of what we are saved for is a true relationship with God, which includes fulfilling his mandate for, and relating to his creation and the poor of this world.

The comments are well worth looking at too, helping to put some meat on some very challenging questions.

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