Conference thoughts: John Lockwood

John Lockwood is a member of the 4C group in Leeds. He would be interested in hearing from others doing similar work, either in the Leeds area or elsewhere.
E-mail John

Christians Combating Climate Change (4C) is a Christian group working to mobilise and facilitate churches in Leeds to take action to combat climate change. We believe that climate change is affecting the poorest people most. Jesus teaches that we should protect the weak and vulnerable as well as caring for the world he created. Tackling climate change embodies both of these principles. Therefore we seek to play our part in:

  • Reducing humanity’s dependance on fossil fuels;
  • Adapting to the effects of climate change.

We are an ecumenical Christian group, i.e., we are not part of an individual church but rather have members from a range of churches across Leeds. We are keen to hear from other churches, (both inside and outside of the Leeds area), to learn what they are doing about climate change and potentially make new links. To see which churches are currently represented in our membership please see the relevant section of our web site.

Actions we have already taken:

  • Organised the Climate of Hope conference (see Web site)
  • Showing of the film “The Age of Stupid”
  • Survey of members of the congregations of South Parade Baptist Church and St George’s Church Leeds
  • Copenhagen De-brief

Actions we are planning:

  • Surveying of members of other congregations
  • Presentation/Discussion evenings
  • Energy surveys of churches
  • Working with other groups to reducing fuel poverty in homes in Leeds through energy efficiency
  • Showing more films as evening events in churches

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