Media reports in the Christian and Muslim press

(Colin Bell)

The Muslim online journal Green Prophet has published a report about the conference with an interview about Bill McKibben advocating greater militancy in Christian green campaigning.

Interestingly, this has already been happening (although I don’t think we can take credit for it) in Manchester, for a march organised by Christian Aid, CAFOD and Tearfund to demand that the government lives up to its promise to be the “greenest ever government”. Reports today that George Osborne has announced he is willing to suspend carbon reduction targets if they conflict with growth suggest he wasn’t open to this message.

Related to this are two events that happened while the conference on. As Christian Today reports, Bishop Richard Chartres, who chairs the Church of England’s Shrinking the Footprint group, gave a speech in London in which he said:

Christians are called on to care for creation, to be stewards of this good Earth for the sake of the common good. But you can’t leave it at the level of rhetoric.”

Meanwhile, an article by Phil Jump in the Baptist Times calls for a more prophetic voice for the church in economics.

When Vince Cable… begins to highlight the potential economic catastrophe that is looming, journalists are quick to put this down to him being a grumpy old man who just needs an image makeover. No-one dares to consider whether perhaps he is genuinely analysing the current reality and seeking to face us up to it.

I can’t help feeling that there is enormous resonance between all of this and the situation that confronted the Old Testament prophets in the days before the Exile. There may not be Babylonian armies lined up on our borders, but I wonder if we are living in the same state of complacency and unrealism.

Just one more for now: a direct report of the conference on the Ekklesia site. (Ekklesia publish extensively on religion/politics/society issues and are well worth being aware of.)


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