Conference thoughts: Linda Whitebread

Linda Whitebread

is one of many who is not a “sustainability professional” in any sense, but trying to live a sustainable everyday life.

The conference was inspiring and challenging, and I am most grateful to the organisers and the magnificent speakers for giving us the opportunity to engage with the ideas presented. I don’t want to go home and forget all about it under the pressure of everyday life – so I wondered whether this blog could host a ‘brainstorm’ of suggestions for things, great and small, ridiculous and sublime, of things we can do? Here’s a list for starters – its off the top of my head, as is the case with brainstorming – but please come up with other thoughts. Some of them may be impractical, or absurd, or over/under ambitious – but some will chime with some of us, and get us thinking of things each one of us can do.

  • Talk to a stranger
  • Write letters to the press (not just to the Guardian – why not the Mail or the Mirror?)
  • Join the Green Party
  • Join Friends of the Earth
  • Accentuate the positive
  • Tell the government when they get it right
  • Do one small thing in the right direction every day and write it in a diary
  • Monitor your own carbon footprint and consumption patterns and try to reduce
  • Get involved in something with other people
  • Try to be outdoors for at least an hour a day
  • Follow StartUk – ideas for positive things we can do on the environment
  • Wear a badge or other identification with a green organisation, so people know we’re out there
  • Show support for activists who might be braver than you!
  • Don’t feel guilty ALL the time
  • Try not to be too judgmental; we are all human.

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  1. Rev Mark Morgan

    During the conference, some like myself , some were going to Bob and saying ‘well what do I do?’

    I think he summed it up eloquently by saying something like: ‘model kingdom life no matter what others do’
    Well that is perhaps the best inclusive statement and does cover many things. My own offering would begin:
    ‘Seeing as the planet belongs to God, then shouldn’t we be humble enough to be going to him first.?

    And then I go onto to think: All these fantastic people on the conference, and there was a sense of collaberation. Then as we all went our separate ways what are we left with as be become lone voices again

    There was much disagreement between lecturers about how best to involve ‘the unconverted’ (that is unconverted to Environmentalism). Gentle persussion to direct action. I have been involved in both and I don’t think we have the time to change a culture- seeing as how long history shows it takes.

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