Resilient Congregations

I hear occasionally about the idea of Resilience Circles or Common Security Circles. As far as I’m aware, they’re a USA-only phenomenon at the minute, but the idea deserves to be better known over here. The idea is simply to build small groups of people for mutual practical/emotional support and sharing of ideas in difficult times. In many respects, this is not dissimilar to Transition, but the starting point is economic, and a key barrier they want to break down is our reluctance to talk about personal financial struggles. They also, I think, generally build on existing communities, and quite a few are starting in churches, as this article notes, building on the historic and biblical Christian community traditions but trying to reinvent them for a new era. As one of the leaders of this movement states:

Religion is the only institution that creates new stories, and a new theology. All of the old stories are failing us, and we need new stories. We need a new vision for an entirely new kind of economy.

(Well, not “only” – I’ll put that down to overenthusiasm – but the rest stands.)

More details of the movement and downloadable resources can be found here


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