How will I know which green breakthroughs are real?

(Colin Bell)

Mainstream comics can be a great guide to the public’s current views of things. Today’s today’s Dilbert reflects a cynicism towards the so-called “bright green” movement – that we’ll be saved from environmental problem by more advanced technology.

True to life? Probably. (How different from fifty years ago when anything promoted by men in white coats would be taken as gospel.) But where do we expect the answers to come from?



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5 responses to “How will I know which green breakthroughs are real?

  1. Strange however than evironmentalists are only too willing to accept and indeed enforce the mantra “the Science of MMCC is settled” based on a supposed ‘consensus’ of ‘persons in white coats’, allowing no dissent.

  2. Colin Bell

    Given what is forecast (and now being seen for real), the weight of evidence and support in the scientific community, not taking the risks seriously is completely insane until we have clear evidence from the dissenters that AGW/MMCC is not something we need to concern ourselves with. Still waiting for anything from anything from that side which can plausibly challenge the usual consensus, and that includes your book “While the Earth Endures”.

    But this discussion has been had many times in many fora already, and I don’t think rerunning it here will add anything to the debate, so please take your “killer arguments” elsewhere.

  3. Colin Bell

    You miss my point. Discussion on this issue would be wonderful to have. But the evidence of previous exchanges of ideas held in numerous places over the last few years suggest that we would just be rehashing the same old issues and get nowhere, so what’s the point. Unless your views have changed since you wrote your book, you will refuse to accept the evidence I present, and I consider your theories either inadequate or satisfactorily debunked elsewhere, so there’s no point wasting our time getting to this point.

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