Guardian Sustainable Business series

A couple of series of articles on the Guardian Sustainable Business site worth checking out:

Changing Consumer Behaviour looks into how individuals do (or do not) consume sustainability – we don’t always act rationally! – and various ideas about how businesses can act in partnership with them.

The latest in the Good Transition series picks up a similar wider theme. Key point:

We are all members of a society, with its shared physical existence in the form of products, buildings, city design, and so on, and in a social structure with its political and other forms of organisation. This is in contrast with much of the talk about values and behaviour, which is so often based on imagining a world in which there are separate individuals freely floating about, able to do and choose whatever they want. In reality, there are very few people whose lives are really like that.

This is why the roles of politics and business are crucial, and why we can’t simply rely on individuals.

This series, written by Victor Anderson of WWF and the One Planet Economy Network provides a good summary of the main issues in the moving-to-sustainability debate.

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