Carbon Trust survey on public attitudes to green business

The Carbon Trust have just published the results of a survey of the public’s attitudes to companies’ action on climate change.

Two outcomes in particular are quite extreme. 90% wanted companies to commit to targets consistent with the national 2050 target. This is a bit surprising in that the proportion of the public not convinced that human activity is warming the planet is quite a bit higher than 10%. However, it’s encouraging to see the level of concern – provided it’s not an attitude of “if they cut carbon, I don’t need to do anything myself”.

Perhaps less encouraging is that only 7% trust companies’ claims of action on climate change, although a majority would if they were independently audited. It all goes to back up the need for a unified approach between individuals, business and government, although with a caution that there is a risk of things unravelling if there is insufficient trust and openness in what is going on.


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