Tim Jackson Q&A

The Guardian have just had a short Q&A with Tim Jackson, author of Prosperity without Growth – well worth a read for its discussions of the economic side of sustainability. Gives just a feel for some of his ideas and the holistic nature of the issues we face. Towards the end he said:

On the bigger question of being short-sighted.. it’s true of course. That’s why we need some form of commitment devices, to remind us who we are. not just selfish individualists, but people with a real concern for others and for the future…
And I suppose that takes us back to the thread I started with… Buddhists asking us questions about who we really are… These are all important questions. The one thing that’s clear is that the narrow framing of human nature embedded in economics is wrong. Not just marginally wrong, but profoundly wrong. Building the new economy has to start from that place…

Not just Buddhists, of course – those were the particular comments in the thread – but all who take a wider view of human nature than just the here and now.


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