New panelists 14th March

Three more people have accepted our invitations to join our conference panels in the last week. We’re very happy to have on board:

  • Harfiyah Haleem is a Muslim writer, educator and activist, editor of the book “Islam and the Environment”. Her current projects include raising environmental awareness among Muslim communities and businesses in London.
  • Satish Kumar has been a peace campaigner and a Jain monk. Born in India, but living in England since 1973, he has become a campaigner and educator in reverential ecology, holistic education and voluntary simplicity. In 1991, he founded Schumacher College in Devon, a centre for the study of ecological and spiritual values, and he edits the magazine Resurgence.
  • Peter Melchett is policy director of the Soil Association, a UK organic food and farming organisation. He also works as an environmental consultant to government and business, and has previously been head of several NGOs including Greenpeace, a lecturer in biological sciences at Nottingham University, and a government minister in the House of Lords.

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