Paul Ekins on PM

(Colin Bell)

Paul Ekins was on Radio 4’s PM programme last night, defending the proposed 1p rise in fuel duty against the motoring journalist Quentin Willson.

He said:

At some point we know that oil is going to become scarce and expensive and if we remain dependent on it, our lifestyles are going to be in real trouble.

… and commented that our response to this, to date, has been to panic every time we have an oil spike and promise action, only to revert to complacency when the price drops again. Instead, we need clearer price signals to the economy and to the general public that we need to take action to develop and use alternatives. It’s all very well arguing, as Willson did, that the tax rise will hit the economy in the short term, but the alternative is to tax something else, make further cuts or increase the deficit, neither of which is any better.

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